Grating Detailing

*kindly indicate the specifications,size,quantity, and required treatment of steel grating.

*Give the type and quantity of saddle clips.In principle,each piece of grating needs four sets of saddle clips

*Please offer construction plan when big floor areas are required to cover with steel gratings.Also provide constructional elevation drawing and joint details as well as the section size and location of supporting steel beam,if any openings are required on such floor areas.

*When order stair treads,please state out types of stair treads,the specification,length,with,quantity and required surface treatment for grating used.

*For more information,please contact us.We’ll do everything possible to help you.

Product Information

Area of the Steel Grating

1.Grating processing as per user’s supplied dimensions and without drawings, which its area measurements shall be based on actual delivered grating quantities by the sum of length and width, with no deduction made for opening and cutouts.

2. Final calculated grating quantities supplied from drawings shall be on the basis of gross area measured to the total periphery (critical) dimensions in drawings, with no deduction made for opening and cutouts.

3. For special shaped gratings, the final grating area shall be based on the total gross area calculated to length (L) by width (W) of all the pieces furnished, with no deduction made for cutouts. See the following sketches of typical examples.